Seed counts per pound

Seed counts per pound

When mixing seed, it is important to know that different grass seeds have different sizes. A Kentucky Bluegrass seed for example is about 10 time smaller than a Tall Fescue seed. By law, all bags of seed must have a label attached detailing – among other things – the percentage of each type of seed inside the bag by weight. This means that a cool season mix with “a little KBG” (10%) and “a lot of fescue” (90%)  is actually a 50/50 mix by seed count.

If you are shopping for seed or planning to mix your own, the below table should come in handy.

Grass Type Seeds per pound
Kentucky Bluegrass 2,200,000
Tall Fescue 230,000
Annual Ryegrass 230,000
Perennial Ryegrass 230,000
Common Bermuda 1,750,000
Centipede 410,000
Zoysia 1,000,000

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