Eliminating Bermuda from your lawn

Eliminating Bermuda from your lawn


For folks in warmer climates, enhanced varieties of Bermuda are one of the main grasses used in home lawns. For those of us with cool season lawns, Bermuda is the weed from hell that you can’t even kill with fire. You pull it, you spray it with glyphosate, and it just comes back stronger like it thrives on taking a beating. Pre-emergents (see here) are effective in stopping Bermuda seed , but what about Bermuda which has already take a foothold?

Fortunately, there are options. In recent tests, a mix of fluazifop-p-butil(Fusilade II) and triclopyr (Turflon Ester) provided 70% control of post-emergent Bermudagrass in Tall Fescue turf with little injury to fescue when applied at label rates. This gives lawniacs south of the Mason-Dixon line a great option for Bermuda post-emergent control, although complete eradication may take a couple of seasons. With Bermuda under control in your lawn while it devours your neighbor’s lawns summer after summer, the grass will always be greener on your side.

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